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The Letters to La Voce that we share with our readers are never changed in substance norin grammar. We leave the wording, grammar and substance alone so that the author'sopinion and flair are not in anyway enhanced nor limited.

Voting is essential, in our participatory democracy but the voter must be informed and voting with blind allegiance to any party.

Both major parties have failed America by encouraging or threatening it's members to promote self interest. The goal is not to server America but to get re-elected, at any cost. Smear tactics, name calling and gossip, in many cases, has replaced civil debate.

As a Veteran's advocate I can give many examples where our troops, returning from the battlefield, are not being served well. They are in some cases entering the homeless population or suffering from undiagnosed illnesses. Yet, during the election cycle, during wartime, both parties, many members not all, have different priorities which deliver more votes.

We know our troops were vilified and not well served by the Veterans administration and the Department of Defense in the Vietnam and First Gulf War era.

Well, it is happening again and many Americans are not exercising their First amendment rights.

Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan are suffering over twice the fatality to casualty rate than in previous wars. One to seven verses one to three.

Support our troops BUT ALSO Support our Veterans, especially Homeless veterans.

Frank Perna
Las Vegas, NV

Dear Tony,

I recently read your column "Entertainment Las Vegas Style" in La Voce, and look forward to reading it each month.

You mentioned Lena Prima, whom my friends and I enjoy immensely. She is talented, entertaining andadorable. I would like to inquire if she will be appearing in the near future. I have friends and relatives visiting for the holidays and I know they would love to see her and "Thats My Dad."

Thank you,
Gloria Sarnicola

Las Vegas, NV